Meet the Team: Mohammad Aref Daylaki

This is the second post in our "Meet the Team" series where we will introduce you to our Five One Labs team members. This week, you'll meet our intern Mohammad Aref Daylaki, who was also a member of the Five One Labs pilot cohort in Erbil. 

Q: How did you become involved with Five One Labs? Why were you interested when you found out about it?

Mohammad: I met Alice Bosley and Patricia Letayf when I was in Re:Coded, a coding bootcamp in Erbil. I was really interested in Five One Labs because I had tons of ideas and plans and hopes for my startup, but I didn't really know about the strategies needed to actually make the startup real. When I met Alice and Patricia, I described my startup to them. They then accepted me to be in the pilot, and I was able to work with them through the whole thing.

Q: And was being a part of the pilot fun? What did/do you enjoy most? Has the experience been difficult or easy for you?

Mohammad: It was definitely fun. Not only that, working with Five One Labs is helping me to know more about entrepreneurship. And of course, everyone at Five One is amazing,  I really enjoy working with them. Right now, it can be harder working alone as we are all spread across the globe! But it's still so fun, and I think it will be even better when Alice and Patricia come to Erbil, Iraq, which I am really looking forward to.

Q: Great! And what is it that you do as a summer intern right now? How do you add to the team?

Mohammad: I'm currently working on creating connections with potential organizations and partners. I also help organize events, and I give advice on outreach. I can give an opinions as someone who has gone through the program and knows what an aspiring entrepreneur most needs. Additionally, because I’ve worked before with many companies in Iraq, I understand the situation in Kurdistan better. I can add that input and that point of view to conversation too.

Q: What do you most hope to get out of your role in the program? What are you most looking forward to as part of the team?

Mohammad: I think my working with Five One Labs will develop my skills for sure! I have been excited about the ideas behind Five One since joining the pilot, so I'm really enthusiastic about all the entrepreneurial, leadership, learning, and communication skills I will get from being a part of this.

Q: Finally, what  would you most like to tell people reading this website, and people interested in joining or supporting our team?

Mohammad: I feel strongly that  we need these kind of programs in the Middle East. They will help us rebuild our community, which is one with great ideas and potential. I really encourage anyone who has any ideas hopes for a company to start the first step of this program.