Meet the Team: Imogen Horn

imogen copy.jpg

This is the fourth post in our "Meet the Team" series where we will introduce you to our Five One Labs team members. This week, you'll meet our intern Imogen Horn, who has been a great help to our social media presence, particularly our blog!

Q: How did you become involved with Five One Labs? Why were you interested when you found out about it?

Imogen: Alice and I are old family friends, so when she heard I was looking for a volunteer-based internship, she told me about all her work with Five One! I immediately found it so interesting; I'm really interested in the direct approach Five One applies to a crisis-afflicted area, and I also think it's so great that everyone on the team is passionate about finding a solution to our refugee crisis. That's what fueled my decision to do my internship, because I'm really passionate about that, too!

Q: And what is it that you do as a summer intern right now? How do you add to the team?

Imogen: I'm working as an intern focused on social media, website, and blog posting. I give advice on things like what kinds of articles to post, how a website should look, etc. And I write a bunch of our articles myself! But I'm not only adding to the team, I'm also learning so much from the experience and from our wonderfully talented bosses and other interns!

Q: Has being a part of the project been fun? What have you enjoyed most? Has it been difficult as well or easy for you?

Imogen: It's been so much fun, to say the least! It's been challenging at times but I've also learned about the structure of this kind of project, and more about the ways people work together to create amazing things! I'd say it's been relatively easy, but only because I really look forward to writing articles, having meetings, giving advice and receiving advice!

Q: And what do you most hope to get out of your role in the program? What are you most looking forward to as part of the team?

Imogen: I really want to continue learning and experiencing as much as I can while in the presence of so many brilliant people! I look forward to hopefully extending my work past the summer, and maybe travelling and meeting some entrepreneurs with Five One!

Q: What would you most like to tell people reading this website, and people interested in joining or supporting our team?

Imogen: For anyone following along with Five One right now, I urge you to help in any way that you can! We will soon have a "Ways to Get Involved" section of our website! Anything you can do, anything you can donate, and anyways you can increase our visibility is so appreciated!