Meet the Founder: Kosha Hussain

Ahead of our first Demo Day in February, we would like to introduce you to the seven wonderful entrepreneurs in our first incubator cohort in Erbil. First up is Kosha Hussain, founder of Mirsha Media 360!

Kosha Hussain.jpg

Can you give a brief introduction about yourself?

My name is Kosha Hussain and I'm the founder and CEO of Mirsha Media. I'm also an art curator and tech and astronomy geek; I'm colorblind and can say thank you in over 30 languages.

What is your business idea? 

From a holistic point of view, Mirsha Media is a creative agency built for the digital world. We provide innovative marketing and communications solutions ranging from social media management to content creation using cutting edge mediums such as 360° content and virtual and augmented reality experiences.

The company is based around the intersection between technology, media, communications and art. The business ethos upholds an interdisciplinary mindset with a talented team driven by a thirst for creative problem solving while having fun at the same time. The core values of empathy, integrity, and high-fives are what drive Mirsha Media to greatness.

What problems are you solving?

One of the sectors we are aiming for is NGOs and charities. From our research we have identified three main challenges this sector faces: firstly in fundraising, secondly in amplifying their communications and thirdly in resources. Mirsha Media targets these challenges and tackles them through innovative and captivating storytelling using low-cost and high-impact social media strategies and digital campaigns devised by a talented and smart-working team who love the job.

Why did you join the Five One Labs startup incubator?  

I joined the Five One Labs startup incubator because I knew this is what I needed to kick-start my business out here.

What progress have you made since you started the incubator two months ago?

Since starting I have made enough pivots to finally find the path I want to pursue. I have developed a company culture, business ethos, first draft of a budget plan, acquired leads, built and deployed prototype products, formed customer surveys, outlined customer journeys, planned a launch event, built a website, grown a team and learnt from many mini mistakes along the way!

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start business or project?

As Richard Branson says, "screw it, let's do it!" It's never too late to start. Don't let anything or anyone hold you back. Be ready to do away with your Netflix binges. Have a vision and reverse engineer it. Try to minimize regret for when you're too old to work. Just go for it!

To learn more about Mirsha Media, visit their website and follow the company on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!