Meet the Founder: Narin Sabah

Part two of our "Meet the Founder" series is with Narin Sabah, a member of our inaugural startup incubator cohort who is starting the Development and Peace Analysis Center in Erbil. 

Can you give a brief introduction about yourself? 

My name is Narin Sabah, and I am the founder of Development and Peace Analysis Center (DPAC) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Besides being an entrepreneur, I also have experience in teaching conversational English to non-native English speakers. Teaching students has been a reason to why I have become passionate about learning more about human behavior and how they react in different settings. 

What is your business idea?

DPAC strives to ameliorate tensions and misconceptions that exist among the various social groups in society. Additionally, it seeks to provide professional development that will serve as a guide in helping to create a more collaborative and peaceful society.  DPAC is committed to helping to create a dedicated and passionate generation for better life opportunities, and to achieve a more prosperous and peaceful region. 

What challenges are you addressing?

DPAC is seeking to discover ways to help create a better and more productive work force and better living conditions for the generation to come. Thus the Center devotes efforts to improving the quality of life of the citizens of the KRI by raising awareness of peace building and nonviolence, primary research training as well as peace and development research.

Why did you join the Five One Labs startup incubator?  

Great friends encouraged me to take part in Five One Labs which I came to see as an opportunity for me to start on something new, explore and test my limits.

What progress have you made since you started the incubator two months ago?

I have been able to better identify the purpose of my business and as how I could better relate to it. Beside the unforgettable entrepreneur experience, it taught me an important lesson: you have to earn your own success; nobody will create it for you. 

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own business or project?

Based on my own experience, the advice I would give is "listen". The world gives you the answers, just listen.

To learn more about the Development and Peace Analysis Center, visit their website!