Meet the Founder: Hero Salih

Next up in our "Meet the Founder" series is Hero Salih, who is starting Helana Hub, a center for students in Sulaimani. 


Can you give a brief introduction about yourself ?

My name is Hero Salih. I’m the founder and CEO of Helana Hub. I’m also interested in painting and always want to make it green.

What is your business idea?

From my point of view I came up with an idea to open a wonderful place for students to get rest and relax while they are studying. We are going to set up a hub for the students where they can find reliable resources, books, and any other related sources that students needs during their studying time. It is aiming to fill the gap that students have in this community. We provide comfortable hub and snacks.

What challenges are you addressing?

The main segment that Helana is targeting is students. From our interviews and surveys we have discovered a number of main challenges that students are facing, such as having high prices which are not affordable and a lack of school supplies. Cafes are often crowded and smoky, which does not allow them to concentrate on their studying. Helana is seeking to address these challenges by having a talented and hard-working team to facilitate the school life of these students.

Why did you join the Five One Labs startup incubator?  

My reason for joining the Five One Labs startup incubator is because I see this as the place that I need to start-up my business.

What progress have you made since you started the incubator two months ago?

Since I started I have made enough progress to start pursuing what I want to do. I have prepared a draft budget plan, improved my start up procedures and learned where to start to set up my businesses. I found out about the challenges and how to tackle with them, learned about the needs of our targeted customers and how to improve business models as well.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start their own business or project?

My advice would be never be afraid of starting up, do what you want to achieve. As Will Smith said, "If you want to something, go get it. Period." Never let anyone or anything keep you away from what you are dreaming of.

A sampling of treats available for students at Helana Hub

To learn more about Helana, visit the Hub's Facebook page!