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Seven innovative startups are now participating in our full-time incubator program at the Tech Hub in Erbil. See below to read more about each business and explore their websites. We also invite you to check our blog regularly for interviews with our founding teams!

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tech teens

TechTeens is a coding school that provides teenagers with a safe place to learn new creative coding skills while under the supervision of specialized trainers. The young coders will learn game and website design through the use of simple and fun language.

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Software You Need

Software You Need creates and designs software solutions to improve business efficiency in Iraq. They target small and medium enterprises and new startup companies and provide high quality customized, fast delivered and cross-platform solutions for companies to improve their business efficiency.

Software You Need is committed to improving their customers' business performance by delivering the following:

  1. Business software solutions that include customer specific features designed around current and future business practices
  2. Software that is portable across multiple platforms (Apple, Microsoft, Linux)  and/or Android and Apple
  3. Faster and more effective services than the customer’s in-house development
  4. A lower cost than the customer's current methods


Nûjîn is a premier locally-made fashion brand for children in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Using only organic fabrics, Nûjîn aims to reduce the KRI's dependence on imports all while maintaining affordable prices and high-quality clothing for customers.

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Mirsha Media

Mirsha Media draws solutions from a culture of diversity, inspiration, and creativity. Whether you're looking to captivate attention or simply communicate your mission, Mirsha Media has an experienced team of creatives who are equipped for the biggest challenges. They work in the fields of content creation, marketing and social media management using the latest in 360° media along with virtual and augmented reality.
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Helana is a student hub in Sulaimani that includes a study space, cafe, and bookstore where students can work in a comfortable environment. It provides necessary supplies that students may need while studying and offers a menu of beverages and snacks.


Development and Peace Analysis Center

The Development and Peace Analysis Center is an independent organization that strives to promote peaceful relations among people, groups and state. Its team seeks to understand the nature of conflict and peace and the underlying factors that contribute to the emergence of violence among the various ethnic, religious and cultural groups and identify mechanisms that ameliorate such conflict.

This center will be actively conducting research in the areas of peace promotion, social mobilization, and public policy analysis. The center will help people understand and tackle their problems and advocate on their behalf.

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Almadrasa is an educational technology company that enables students to access education remotely through an online platform. This platform provides high quality and affordable educational courses based on the Iraqi curriculum from the Iraqi Ministry of Education that are interactive, practical and fun!