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Alice Bosley
Co-Founder, Executive Director

email: alice (at) fiveonelabs.org

Alice is passionate about business approaches to humanitarian challenges. She was an Innovation Specialist with the UN Refugee Agency’s Innovation Unit, using design thinking to solve humanitarian challenges worldwide. She has also worked at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, and consulted with Mercy Corp’s Social Ventures team. For the past two years, she served as the Design Lead at the Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio. 

Alice has a Master of International Affairs from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, where she focused on humanitarian action, economic development, and entrepreneurship. She obtained her BA in international relations from Stanford University. 


Patricia Letayf
Co-Founder, Director of Operations

email: patricia (at) fiveonelabs.org

Patricia's main interest is Middle East politics and she has traveled extensively throughout the region for both work and academic research.

Prior to Five One Labs, Patricia worked as a Middle East political risk analyst with a focus on Iraq and North Africa for the Dubai office of consultancy Control Risks. She is also a volunteer facilitator for the Soliya Connect Program.

She obtained her Master of Public Administration degree in Economic Development from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, where she concentrated in economic and political development, and her BA in International Relations and Economics from Tufts University.


training and business development MANAGER

email: astara (at) fiveonelabs.org

Astara Maiure leads the business incubation and training for Five One Labs. Before moving to Sulaimani, she worked as a business consultant for start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. She has experience advising small business owners on ways to cut costs, gain consumer insights, and drive growth in their organizations.

Prior to this, she worked as an Agricultural Advisor in the Peace Corps in Madagascar focusing on economic development and food security.

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ravin burhan
Entrepreneurship Trainer and community Associate

email: ravin (at) fiveonelabs.org

Ravin is Five One Labs' entrepreneurship trainer and community associate in Sulaimani. He is an experienced  entrepreneurship trainer and has worked as a trainer in the Innovation for Development Program of UNDP in Iraq along with many local and international organizations. Prior to joining Five One Labs he served as a sales and marketing executive in an IT solution company in Kurdistan.  He is also the founder of BLO, the first organization to implement blended learning models in Iraq.

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Rebin is from Ranya and is studying Business administration at the American University of Iraq - Sulaimani (AUIS). He is eager to learn more about management and leadership, then apply the knowledge and skills in real organizations. He is the co-founder of Professional Development Group at AUIS, which focuses on community development in Ranya . He is one of the participants of the first Kurdistan Young Leadership Program in Halabja and has worked as event manager for the same program in 2018.